OGAS Solutions Acquired by SEAOWL

SeaOwl pursues international growth with acquisition of Ogas Solutions

SeaOwl press release: Seaowlgroup-news-media-press-release20

Paris, Bangkok, 30th August 2016: Following the acquisition of Wellstaff (in April 2016) and three years after that of Fortiori (in July 2013), SeaOwl today announces the acquisition of Ogas Solutions, an oil and gas services group created in 1999 by Bernard Pailler with headquarters located in Bangkok. This acquisition will allow SeaOwl Group to pursue its growth and contribute to the consolidation of the industry on an international level with an integrated services offer.

Ogas Solutions, a recognized company in the energy services industry, employs more than 1,000 people across the world and enjoys an excellent reputation with companies in this industry. Ogas Solutions has a strong footprint in Asia since the company achieves 50% of its turnover there (mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand), and is also well established on the African continent, with subsidiaries complementary to those of SeaOwl Group.

With this new acquisition, SeaOwl not only increases its market share within the field of oil & gas technical assistance but also expands its expertise to new segments within the energy sector, and further strengthens SeaOwl’s ability to bring innovative services to customers and geographies.

Complementarity is a key aspect of this acquisition. It will allow SeaOwl to cover the key growing geographic areas across the world and to extend its activities to all the critical expertise and core markets segments in the industry. The new group thus formed will operate on every Oil & Gas segment and will keep on developing its activity by offering integrated services to its clients – including global GMC (Global Maintenance Contract) offers – while preserving its proximity with clients.

Bernard Pailler, CEO of Ogas Solutions, underlined: “The operational center of Ogas Solutions will remain in Asia and our team will maintain a close relationship with our clients, which has always been one of our strengths. Thanks to the merger with SeaOwl, our clients will benefit from an integrated offer, extended teams and in-depth expertise, as well as a unique geographic coverage in the industry.”

Arnoult Gauthier, President of SeaOwl, concluded: “This new acquisition allows SeaOwl to pursue its strategy of consolidation in the field of technical assistance to companies. With this acquisition, our revenue will exceed 100 million euros in 2016, making us now a global leader in our industry. I would like to thank our clients, teams and shareholders, who have been supporting this strategy and making our international growth possible.”

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